Big Thanks for looking at our website ! If you love your pet and treat him/her as special family member you will find here unique goods to emphasize it and also many products which make you happy too.

All our products are handmade with passion and issued with Certificate of Authenticity.   All of them are our own designs, inspired by : nature, travels, actual fashion trends , character of breed and many more...Clothes for your dog are customized according  your dog individual measure. We will give you full coverage of your order ,so don't hesitate to ask a question. It takes about one week to create unusual garment for your pet plus shipping time which depends to which country we send your pack. Shipping cost is free!

Some of our products you can buy now. Payments can be made in USD or Euro. We don't accept credit cards.

We want to thank to all customers from all over the world who've trusted us and appreciated our art craftwork. Thanks to you we have big motivation to design and create new clothes for your dogs and we have great satisfaction to see your dog happy wearing our unique and cosy sweaters, hats, neckwarmers and others....