Bow Ties & Accesories

Handmade knitted dogs and cats bow ties. Elegant or funny . Colorful  with mix of patterns. Our bow ties have elastic band in back fitted to your dog's or cat's neck circumference . Elastic band is preparing according to your pet individual measure.

Our bow ties are ornamented or embroidered by hand . They are not mass products . Each one is unique as your pet is. You can  emphasize your dog's or cat's character and personality by choosing right bow tie. You can play with colours and types of bow ties from more formal till more amusing. It is big fun to match them with your pet's clothing. Our bow ties are special accesories for important meeting

Our crocheted collars are chic and elegant in their retro style. Handmade ornamented with pearls or beads. Your dog may be proud wear such unique accesories.

Our keychains are handicraft. We use many techniques :knitting ,crocheting, embroidery create extraordinary things. it is made with love and passion for your satisfaction and fun!