Bubble Sweater

Delicate as a little puffy cloud and gentle as bubble, handmade Bubble Sweater charms everybody! And your dog looks with it as a funny , big,  swirl  bubble during a walk.

Handmade with precision. Our own design . You will find here three types of knitting patterns and crocheted light blue bubble tassels . Bubble Sweater has short  light blue collar. Collar is ornamented with the two puffy bubble tassels with crocheted chains . Sleeves are ended with light blue ribbed cuffs. Bubble Sweater has the light blue ribbing at the hem . Elastic colorful edging emphasizes careful handiwork. Minute patterns show precision of weave. We knit it for your dog individual measure .

9 hs. labour of love...

90% Anti-Pilling Acrylic  10% Polyester

100% Acrylic Crocheted Bubble Tassels