Chunky Golden Beige Sweater

Who is obsessed with Autumn walks never should have too little chunky sweaters. If your dog loves going out but affraid of chilly mornings - thick knitted, Chunky Golden Beige Sweater is our ultimate go-to! Handmade of extra soft wool . Simple cut is emphasized by colorful welts. You may choose one of four : plum, blue, ginger or bottle green welt.

Chunky Golden Beige Sweater has long elastic turtleneck. Long sleeves are ended with ribbed cuffs. Also ribbing at the hem of sweater gives elastic edging.  It is knitted for your dog individual measure to be well fitted to Italian Greyhound slim build. The yarn is comfy and you may be sure to be standout in the cold.

11 hs. labour of love...

45% wool 55% acryl