Coral And Grey Hoodie

Handmade Sporty Hoodie. Combination of Coral - Color of the 2019 Year with Light Grey. Well-made , comfortable and warm garment for the Smallest Doggies. Our authorial design. Made-to-order for your dog individual measure. As all of our sweaters there is not mass product.

 Two kniting stitches are used in our Coral And Grey Hoodie Sweater. Hoodie cotton strings are ended with metal tips. Sleeve cuffs are ended with another color what contrasts  with Hoodie very nicely. Coral And Grey Hoodie  has ribbing stitch at the sweater's hem, that makes elastic edging.

  Hoodie is comfortable and warm for little chilly dogs .Sweet Coral And Grey Hoodie colors coordinate with possitive mood and your dog looks sweet with sporty chic.

13 hs.labour of love...

95% Acrylic 5% Mohair