Dogs & Cats Luxurious Beds

Unique and glamour! Chic and comfortable! Posh furniture. Fine for your pet and original accent to your home .We offer Wrought-iron Beds and Woven Wool Beds.Metal beds have comfortable pads and cute , soft bedding.

Chunky Pet Beds are made by using hands as a big crocheting hook. Warm-and-fuzzy structure and nest shape make that pets feel safe and relaxed lying in our beds. They are warm and comfy for dogs and cats. Chunky Beds are also elegant and unique accessories to your home.

They are woven from super soft wool-like acrylic. This yarn and technique make Chunky Beds durable and breathable. Chunky Beds are ornamented with bows and fluffy pompoms. You can choose between many colours options and sizes.

Bed is maschine-washable although we recommend hand wash. It dry quickly. It resists moths and oil