Double-Cone Turquoise Hat Grey Fur

Funny, unique style . Our new design . This particular pattern may remind you fifteenth century Double-Cone Hennin which inspired us. Someone will see Squirrel funny ears in the Double-Cone Hat , the other Caracal antenna-ears... Whatever, this hat can't go unnoticed! There are cute ,little pompoms on the top of the cones , made of  grey faux  fur.  Dog Hat is turquoise.  Little cones are soft, filled with polystyrene balls.

The Hat is warm, light and comfortable. Double-Cone Hat has ribbed elastic hem.There are the rubber threads in here prevent from stretching. Double-Cone Hat is unified with ribbed neckwarmer. This gives your Italian Greyhound warmth  and protects against wind and cold.

Hat is knitting according to your dog individual measure .Made-to -order , so it is guaranteed it will be fitted to your dog head and neck. Contact us for details how to measure your dog!

We recommend to pair Double-Cone Turquoise Hat With Grey Fur with some of ours Iggy Sweaters.


Hat is made from : Super Baby100% Acrylic Yarn , Grey Faux Fur Pompoms