Drizzle Drop Sweater

Handmade knitted Drizzle Drop Sweater with transparent glass beads. The glossy beads are an ornament to the crew neck. Warm beige color of yarn. The Drizzle Drop Sweater is our own design.

Drizzle Drop Sweater has long raglan sleeves with ribbings. Cuffs are trimmed with colorful edging. Mock turtleneck is also ribbed with colorful edge. The Sweater has ribbing at the hem, which gives its elastic edging. The hem is colorful at the edge.

Now your dog will get to like Rain Drops on his/her Drizzle Drop Sweater for sure!

It is knitted for your dog individual measure to be fitted well.

8 hs.labor of love...

100% anti-Pilling Acrylic , glass beads