Fair Isle Turquoise&Lime&Grey Vest

Inspired by Summer season's colours we designed this elaborate Fair Isle Vest for Italian Greyhounds. Fine for warm days to protect against the Sun. it is made from cotton yarns so it's light and breathable. You will find here beautiful Summer colours: turquoise, lime green , orange, blue , sand beige, toffee. Chest gusset and all ribbings are wrought iron shade of grey. This colour fits especially with grey blue skin of yours Italian Greyhounds. 

In crewneck and into cuffs over front legs we put micro rubbers to keep them stretchy and elastic. We hope you and your dog will appreciate our labour-intensive and precise handicraft. Vest is customise to individual measure of any Italian Greyhound and purchase for individual orders.

15 hs. labour of love...

Made of ; 60% cotton 40% pac