Geometric Jacquard Triangles Sweater

We matched beautiful living coral with white in this Geometric Jacquard Triangles Sweater. Sweater is handmade in every little detail. Small, sweet traingles turn people's  heads

Sweater has mock turtleneck with string interwoven.String is crocheted. There are little tassels on each string's end. Tassels are decorated with gold thread. Sleeves are ended with ribbed cuffs. Also ribbing at the hem of sweater gives elastic edging. 

You can play to tie a bow from the string around neck ,as you like ! Cute tassels swing in funny way when your dog walks. It gives superb look.

Belly part of the Sweater is striped. These are structural knitting stripes.

It is knitted for your dog individual measure to be well fitted.

14 hs. labor of love...

60% Merino Wool 40% Acrylic