Green Sweater with Mosaic Turtleneck

Handmade knitted Green Sweater with Mosaic Turtleneck and structural knitting dots pattern. Like everyone of designed by us sweaters this one is instant grace. Simple patterns together with unusual mix of colours turtleneck show subtle elegance. Mohair turtleneck looks like painted by artisan hands.


Mosaic turtleneck is enough long to fold it and wear two ways: crinkled as well. Long sleeves are ended with ribbed cuffs. Also ribbing at the hem of sweater gives elastic edging.  It is knitted for your dog individual measure to be well fitted to Italian Greyhound slim build.  You may emphasize your dog trendy look by match it with Green Hat With Mosaic Pompom.

13 hs. labor of love...

Sweater is made from :30% mohair , 20% polyamide , 50% acrylic