Multicolor Sporty Jumper

Multicolor Sporty Jumper is good choice for active dog and fahionista in one. Vivid pink and orange colors. Comfortable to dogs skin, helps to keep dogs sporty style even when the temperature starts to drop.

Well-made  with black and white stripe details on the ribbing.

Multicolor Sporty Jumper is handmade using primarily the garter stitch.  It is round- necked sewater.

Long sleeves are ended with ribbed cuffs. Also ribbing at the sweater's hem gives its elastic edging.

 It is knitted for your dog individual measure to be well fitted to Italian Greyhound slim build. The yarn is comfy and helps protect your dog against cold weather .

Multicolor Sporty Jumper gives comfort to your dog and shows dog's free-spirit.

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14 hs. labour of love...

100% high quality Acrylic / anti-pilling yarn