Personalized Blend Colours Sweater

Personalized Sweater is available in two varieties : grey and beige (darker) or cream and beige (brighter). This handmade Sweater has your dog's name embroidered on left side at the height of the shoulder blade. Patented structural knit design makes it classic but prestigious looking.  It has a tall collar that’s folded over on itself (double-layered). Long sleeves are ended with ribbed cuffs. Also ribbing at the hem of sweater gives elastic edging.  It is knitted for your dog individual measure to be well fitted to Italian Greyhound slim build. The yarn is comfy and helps protect your dog against harsh climates. Personalized Blend Colours Sweater hugs your dog's body slightly gives comfort to your dog.

We recommend to match Personalized Blend Colours Sweater with Blend Colours Hat with Pompom

13 hs. labour of love...

30% Wool 60% Acrylic 10% Viscose