Polka Dot Sweater

"There is never a wrong time for a polka dot" ...Marc Jacobs...

    So it's high time to incorporate Polka Dot Sweater into your dogs wardrobe. The Polka Dot Sweater attracts attention with vivid pink color spots on bright ,pastel violet background, . The Polka Dot Sweater is our own design. It is handmade product. There are funny vivid pink loops around  mock turtleneck. Sleeves are ended with ribbed cuffs. You will find ribbing at the hem of sweater as well . Elastic edging emphasizes careful handiwork. We knit it for your dog individual measure , so write us for details how to measure your dog!

If you want show the fashion is in your blood go for spotty print in our Polka Dot Sweater. We reccomend to pair Polka Dot Sweater with  funny Double-Cone Hat.

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14hs. labor of love...

80% Acrylic 20% Wool