Reggae Dog Sweater

Definitely not boring, handmade knitted Reggae Dog Sweater is inspired by Rastafarian movement and life style.The assembly of red, yellow and green colors with handmade black peace sign applique on them. Striped hood is tipped with funky three flexible dreadlocks, which you can bend.

Sleeves are ended with ribbed cuffs. There are ribbing at the sweater hem and hood hem as well.

As all our sweaters it is not mass product. It is our own design. Made-to-order for your dog individual measure to be well fitted. 

Wearing our Reggae Dog Sweater you and your dog show that you both " Love The Life You Live , Live The Life You Love" as Bob Marley said...

Although it is thin knitted the yarn is comfy and protects your  little chilly dog against cold days.

13 hs. labour of love...

100% Acrylic