We have a pleasure to familiarize you with our rules.

As you noticed all our products which we offer are our design and finely handmade. Most of them we create for individual orders. We give you any needed information or helpful drawing how measure your dog. Please be careful and don't hesitate to ask us if you will have any doubts.We will help you with pleasure. Get the measure correctly is very important for customized garments. We don't accept return custom-made products. Therefore, please don't measure in rush and don't take measure from your dog's clothes but from your dog only. We are concerned with give you the most satysfying work of our hands for your happiness and your pet's comfort.

You don't pay any advance until your order will be ready to send. Then we show you ready item's picture and tell you payments details. You will be lucky to see part of creating process from backstage as well. It doesn't concern "buy now" option and Fantasy Sweaters. 

Payments can be made in USD or Euro. We don't accept credit card. Shipping cost is free! Delivery time depends on destination country. We will make your handmade product in maxiumum one week. Remember  please that as the recipient you are liable for all import duties,customs and local sales taxes. 

All our products have Certificate of Authenticity and sweaters and vests for adult dogs have unique metal logo tag made from German Silver.

We also realize our cutomers special requests, as individual design, adding some details to our projects, changing colours . Some changes may go product's price up.

All your data as name and address are only needed for order procces. Administrator of database is Dogs Wardrobe and you may be sure they are well protected and we don't make them available.