Sweater Inspired By Paul Klee Painting

Sweater Inspired By Paul Klee Painting. We were fascinated by Paul Klee abstract painting "New Harmony".  Expression of colours in these rectangles and geometric analogy influenced us to outfit Dachshund in it. Now you can see configurations of painted by knitting needles rectangles on Sweater Inspired By Paul Klee Painting.  You find here juxtaposing of colours :old gold, olive drab, orange, Naples yellow, oxblood, painite, pale aqua, pale silver, pastel brown, Prussian blue, roast coffee and rose dust. Sweater is knitted for individual measure of your dog. It is warm and soft. Made from high quality durable acrylic yarn and 10% wool yarn.

Sweater has sleeves with elastic ribbed cuffs. Ribbing at the hem of sweater gives elastic edging as well. If you love Art and love your Dachshund you can show your affection to them both buying Sweater Inspired By Paul Klee Painting

90% Acrylic 10% Wool

15 hs. labour of love