White Wings Wrought-Iron Dog Bed

High quality luxurious the Wrought Iron Dog Bed. Handcrafted with the highest level of quality, style and craftmanship. Our own design, created with love and passion. Hammered metal bar and artistic scrolls elements. White wrought-iron wings and elements which form heart shape give romantic style. The metal bed is covered by White powder coating. This is beautiful furniture which gives high comfort to your dog and emphasizes your home style, as well. Available also in : graphite color, gold beige or silver sparkling. The White Wings Wrought-Iron Dog Bed has furniture coasters directly beneath bed legs. It protects the floor against scratches.

Don't forget about Flock Mattress! It is especially matching to our beds. Our mattresses are handmade , breathable, with double fillings parts inside. We recommend also The Bedding Sets for your dog. For the White Wings Wrought-Iron Dog Bad we put The Little Funny Dogs Bedding Set, made from pure cotton.

Weight: 10 kilos     

Height : 17,71' ( 45cm)   Legs height :  5,11' (13cm)      

Sleeping area :  21,65' x 27,55' (55x70cm)