Multicolored Lace-up Sweater


Unusually colorful handmade Multicolored Lace-up Sweater introduces optimism into your dogs wardrobe. You find here shades of : white , blue and mint green. We use here 6 different types of knitting patterns, including cable knit  and stars knitting pattern. The Multicolored Lace-up Sweater is made up of 9 knitted pieces sewed up. This is our own design.

There are laces at the Sweater back. Crocheted strings  are topped with unique, funny, ball-shaped beads.

Sleeves are ended with ribbed cuffs. There are ribbing at the sweater hem, as well , that protects against stretching out.

As all our sweaters it is not mass product. Made-to-order for your dog individual measure to be well fitted. 

Very soft yarn for baby clothing is comfy and protects your  little chilly dog against cold days.

12hs labor of love...

100% Soft Acrylic for Baby Garment

2 ball-shaped buttons